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QBeeQ Sisense Plugins

We develop custom plugins and add-ons which perform as integral and inherent  components of Sisense, all to optimize and enhance your end-user experience.

QBeeQ plugins are available as part of our powerup packages. 

  • What are Sisense plugins?
    Sisense plugins or add-ons enable you to easily enhance, extend and customize your end users’ Sisense experience. The QBeeQ Plugins are highly interactive tools which are designed to engage your users and drive adoption. They include new advanced data visualizations which are not available out of the box, enhanced user experience functionalities such as input parameters, new administrative capabilities like sharing or republishing entire folders, new capabilities altogether like commenting on dashboards, or advanced self- service products. Plugins are written in JavaScript and can include a wide range of different technologies.
  • How do you install a plugin?
    Sisense plugins are Java Script file bundles which are extensions to the Sisense platform. You simply download a folder, unzip it and upload it to the Sisense plugins folder. This will require admin access. For more information about using Sisense plugins please see this page.
  • What is a premium plugin?
    Premium plugins are supported by QBeeQ and will be upgraded to work on any Sisense version, while free plugins are not. Premium plugins are charged at an annual fee.
  • How much do Premium QBeeQ plugins cost?
    Our plugins range between a few hundred to a few thousand USD per year, depending on complexity, number of users and number of Sisense instances.
  • What kind of maintenance and support do you offer?
    QBeeQ provides full support and maintenance for our suite of products. Our clients are allocated a dedicated Customer Success Manager to accompany their customer journey, who will be there for you for anything Sisense related. We make sure our plugins are up to date with major Sisense versions, and they are constantly tested for functionality and design changes. Our clients gain access to our global support team to report issues, or propose new features. But most importantly, our clients do not just gain another vendor, but a partner, to reach out to for support on anything Sisense related or brainstorm on new ideas and projects.
  • How do you handle data security?
    When using QBeeQ plugins, none of your data is extracted externally to 3rd party servers. Some of our plugins do use external libraries or resources but at no point will this affect your data security or integrity as data is never stored or processed outside your Sisense instance.
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