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The Widget Controller

Empower your viewers with self-service Measure, Dimension, Break-by, Date Granularity and Chart Type switchers all in one

This powerful plugin elevates your viewers analytical capabilities by adding drop downs to the widget body which allow to switch between predefined measures, dimensions, Break-by dims, date granularity and chart types, all in one.


This allows users to see a much more robust story of their data, by seeing multiple KPIs and dimensions in a single widget, and easily switching between them. Another great benefit is that you can show the same amount of information and data from many widgets in just 1!

This is perfect for embedding specific widgets individually as their switcher controls are in the widget body. Any viewer can totally change the data in each widget by switching the dimensions and measures in any widget’s Axes, Values, Break By, Color, size and more!


The controls which allow this are hidden in a collapsed pane at the top or bottom of each widget allowing the viewer to expand them on demand, after selecting the new dimensions and measure and re-running the query to return the new data set, the controls will auto collapse. This ensures you optimise widget and dashboard real estate without showing redundant UX components.

Collapsed View:


This works with all native Sisense widgets including Pivot 2.0 and Table with Aggregation, as well as all plugins from the QBeeQ Advanced Data Viz PowerUp,


Allow your viewers to control which columns, rows and values are to display on any Pivot or Table with Aggregation, than collapse the controller to optimise dashboard real estate:


Easily define which widgets on the dashboard are allocated which switcher, and define which measures and dimensions are relevant to each.

No-code setup, easy to use and can be easily replicated to many widgets.


Note: This plugin can come in a few different UI formats depending on your design language, reach out to us to leanr more.

This powerful plugin can be acquired as part of the QBeeQ Self Service Analytics PowerUp which includes:


  1. Advanced Expandable Pivot

  2. Self Service Dashboard

  3. The Report Builder

  4. Advanced Input Parameters

  5. The Widget Controller 

  6. Filter Bookmarks


Or as part for the QBeeQ Interactive Design PowerUp

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