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Choropleth Map

Empower your users with beautified maps and advanced Geo-spatial features.


This is the ultimate data analysis map and the last map you will ever need with Sisense. This powerful map allows you to plot territorial and coordinate data in 2 separate layers and comes with a wide range of interactive features and capabilities.

This powerful map comes with a wide range of features and capabilities.


Prebuilt territorial polygons, just plug in your data and get going:

  • US States

  • US Counties

  • US Census Tracts

  • US Zip Codes

  • EU Countries 

  • UK Counties

  • UK Zip Codes


Custom territories can also be added.

Need to show more info on the tooltips? Easy. Add more pieces of information to the advanced tooltips, to show more formulas or raw data for each polygon or point. The powerful tooltips also call to action by adding a built-in Jump-to-Dashboard and click to filter options.


Do you have more than 2 KPIs? More than 20 KPIs?! That’s not a problem, you will not need 20 different maps. Built in measure switchers allow a viewer to toggle between the KPIs for both polygons and points to show many different mapping combinations and to show the full story of your geo-spatial data story.


Allow your users to multi select with a lasso cursor, and then use the built-in ‘Clear filter’ button.


The Map comes with its own advanced exporting mechanism which allows one to export it to PNG/PDF/SVG/JPEG and to configure the export layout and resolution.


Beautify your Sisense maps today!


This plugin will require a mapbox API token, Mapbox provides a very generous free tier.

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