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Advanced Indicator

An indicator widget with multiple secondary values, conditional trend icon and a sparkline

This plugin allows a designer to create a powerful indicator widget with added information in a small widget area. In addition to added values, one can add a sparkline chart which shows a tooltip.


The Advanced Indicator includes:

  1. A primary value - Mandatory

  2. A secondary value - Mandatory

  3. A tertiary trend value - Optional

  4. A trend icon defined by the tertiary value - Optional

  5. A sparkline - Mandatory

Additional features:

  1. Select an item or range from the sparkline series to filter the dashboard

  2. JTD from the Indicator area

  3. JTD from the sparkline

  4. Define sparkline colour by any of the values, or on it’s own

  5. Dynamic trend icon

  6. Add sparkline axis labels

  7. Full control over design

  8. Zero-code required

This is perfect for when you’re looking to present a simple widget but still want to display more information to tell a broader story of the data. This is also great for showing this added information when embedding a single widget and optimally utilising your analytics application’s real estate.

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