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This interactive word cloud widget, also known as a tag cloud, is a simple visualization of textual data, in which the words or tags are shown in varying sizes and color according to independent KPIs or formulas.

wordcloud 1.png

Different than standard word clouds, this plugin enables the designer to highly customize the word cloud by applying independent KPIs or formulas to the size and color of the words, meaning the size is not dependent on word or tag occurrences, rather can be derived from other requirements such as sales or other advanced calculations.


This plugin is interactive and clickable, which can filter the rest of the dashboard, after which a clear filters button can reset that selection.

This plugin comes with an extensive tooltip, which can hold many more pieces of information enabling the end user to hover over any tag to see much more detail for that result.


Use the standard Sisense conditional formatting options to determine coloring like any other widget.

wordcloud 2.png
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