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Advanced Dashboard Filters

The QBeeQ Advanced Custom Filters plugin enables the end user to change filter values from a widget on the dashboard, instead of the right filter pane. This way, one can totally collapse the right filter pane and take optimal advantage of dashboard real estate, especially in embedded mode. Extremely easy setup, no JS required at all!


With this plugin the designer can:

  1. Create standard single dimension filters

  2. Determine single/multi select

  3. Create dependent filters

  4. Create filter toggle buttons instead of drop downs for dimensions with limited number of values

  5. Create hierarchical expandable filters

  6. Create advanced date range filters, with calendar pickers or date range sliders

  7. Create optional ‘Apply’ and ‘Reset’ buttons

  8. Add filter bookmarks

  9. Add an option for the entire pane to collapse until users prompts a filter pop up

With this plugin, your users won’t need to use the right filter pane, enabling the designer to embed or share the Sisense dashboards while collapsing the right filter pane and allowing much more dashboard real estate.

This plugin works great alongside the QBeeQ dashboard Navigator to optimize dashboard real estate and provide an easy and fluent navigation experience with a sticky filter mechanism.

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