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QbeeQ Filter Bookmarks

This plugin allows your users to set filter bookmarks by saving presets of filter scopes. Instead of clicking dozens of times to reapply several preferred filter scopes, allow your users a quick and elegant solution to explore different perspectives of their data with just 2 clicks. These presets will be made easily available by a single click on a ‘Bookmarks’ button on the dashboard toolbar. Bookmarks can be set as private, for that user only, or public, for all users using that dashboard or in that user’s group. A viewer can also set a specific filter bookmark as their preferred default view.

This plugin can be deployed to work with the native Sisense filters or as an added feature to the QBeeQ Advanced Dashboard filters.


Create a new Filter Bookmark by typing in a descriptive name and setting it as private or public. Private bookmarks will appear for that user only while public bookmarks will be shared with the users in that users’ group who have access to that dashboard.

Access your filter bookmarks and choose between the private or public ones, or other bookmarks which have been share with you:


Advanced Features:

  1. Access to the Filter Bookmarks feature can be configured from a button on the dashboard toolbar or from the filters menu, or to be an integral part of the QBeeQ Advanced Filters plugin

  2. There is no need to recreate the same bookmarks for all the dashboards from the same Elasticube. Configured correctly, the filter bookmarks will transfer over to the other dashboards in that specified group.

  3. Once the dashboard is republished the filter bookmarks will not be deleted.

  4. The viewer can set a specific bookmark to their preferred default view.

  5. An analytics report of this plugin's usage can be accessed by the dashboard owner or the admin to see how this plugin is being used by the various users and groups.

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