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Report Builder

Allow viewers to generate and edit their own reports on the fly

The Report Builder is a powerful Self- Service Analytics plugin which allows Sisense Viewers to generate their own reports and run their own ad-hoc analytics, by deciding which dimensions and values to use, all within a single widget view. Viewers can pick which fields they would like to view as rows and columns in their report, and then filter the required values from each row to see the breakdown of their data.

How it Works

This plugin is available to any user who can view or edit a dashboard (Viewers and Designers).


The initial report starts out with a blank slate.  The user can select which  dimension they want to plot on the report from a list of dimensions predefined by the dashboard Designer. Once the dimension is selected the user  can move forward to filtering out the specific values required in the report. The user can then continue selecting additional dimensions for their report. 


Once they’ve selected which dimensions and filters to include, the user can then utilize all the native features of the QBeeQ Advanced Expandable Pivot.


Start a new report with a blank slate:


Select your first dimension from the dimensions’ drop down:

Once the first dimension has been selected, you can select the value form within that dimension for your report:

Click ‘Search’ to populate your report with the required data:

You will see the breadcrumbs at the top to indicate what information the report is presenting.

You can click on ‘Edit Search’ at any point to edit your selections or add more data:

Continue adding more dimensions to generate more complex reports, and then easily go back to edit your selections at any point:

The Report Builder plugin empowers viewers with true self service analytics allowing them to run their own ad-hoc analytics by defining what they want to see in a given report, editing that report or creating new ones on the fly, all without having to rely upon the dashboard designer to run these changes for them.


This powerful plugin can be acquired as part of the QBeeQ Self Service Analytics PowerUp which includes:


  1. Advanced Expandable Pivot

  2. Self Service Dashboard

  3. Advanced Input Parameters

  4. The Widget Controller 

  5. Filter Bookmarks


Or as part for the QBeeQ Interactive Design PowerUp 

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