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Comments & Conversations

This plugin allows your dashboard users to add comments, open discussions and collaborate on any dashboard. Enable your users to communicate within the Sisense ecosystem; designers can collaborate on dashboard development and design, or viewers can discuss data trends and behaviours.

Comments 1.png

By enabling this feature on a given dashboard a new ‘+ Comment’ button will appear for all users on the dashboard toolbar.


Upon clicking this button a comments chat component will appear in the bottom right hand side of the dashboard real estate.


Any user can write comments which will include their initials in an avatar, a time stamp, a filter scope link (see below) and a trash icon to delete their own comments.


Comment writers can tag or mention other users by using the ‘@’ sign before their name, this in turn will send a notification to the recipient.

comments 3.png

One can also tag or reference a widget by typing the ‘#’ hash symbol and selecting an available widget from the drop down. This will allow comment writers to add context to their comments and refer readers to the widgets and KPIs they wanted to discuss.

The Filter scope link will be added to all comments and will hold the filter scope of the dashboard when the writer submitted the comment. By clicking this link, the recipient or reader of the comment will be able to apply the same filter scope of when the writer wrote the comment and can understand the context of the comment.

comments 5.png
comments 6.png

This product does not rely on a 3d party app and no data is sent out of the Sisense instance.

More Features:

  1. Tag other users to start discussions

  2. Tag widgets to add a reference to your conversation 

  3. Continue using the dashboard while the comments box is open

  4. Collapse the comments box 

  5. The Dashboard owner can download all comments for advanced usage analytics or NLP analysis. (How many comments on a given dashboard compared to others? How many users are really interacting and engaging with the dashboard/widgets? Perform sentiment analysis on your users’ comments, and much much more)

  6. The dashboard owner can delete all comments to start from scratch

  7. Integrate with other applications’ messaging and alerting mechanisms

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