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Advanced Input Parameters & Placeholders

The QBeeQ Advanced Input Parameters plugin enables the end user to interact with the data on a dashboard by providing various types of numeric input boxes which can be referenced within advanced formulas in any widget. Extremely easy setup, no JS required at all!

input 1.png

This way, the user can update, modify and create new data on the fly, from the front end, without having to add data into the Elasticube, empowering them with full What-If Analysis capabilities.


Also, the designer can pull optional data into the Input Parameters from a table in the EC. In this method, the designer can determine what the optional values will be available to the viewer. An example for this use case can be ratings of an app, the text which will appear o the viewer will be ‘1 Star’, ‘2 Stars’, .. ‘5 Stars’ while the data injected into the place holder will be 1, 2, .. 5 respectively.


This plugin provides full design and configuration options for the designer.

Once a new parameter is created, an alias is assigned to it, this way the designer can reference the parameters aliases into any advanced formula by adding ‘@’ before the name of the parameter.


These parameters can be referenced into any advanced formula, including CASE/WHEN statements. 

In the following example we are multiplying the Total Quantity by the Discount which the end user can now control and test different values to assess different what-if scenarios.

input 2.png

Dynamic Buckets Histogram example:

input 3.png
input 4.png

In addition to plain input boxes this plugin can be enhanced with sliders, knobs and levers for even higher user engagement and adoption.


More applications:

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  • Dynamic Buckets - Histogram

  • Dynamic Thresholds

  • Aggregated Dashboard Filters

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