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Expandable Pivot

This advanced expandable pivot table highly enhances your end user experience by enabling them to drill down by expanding rows and columns, to see the breakdown of that selection, while retaining the parent values and structure. In addition, this plugin provides your users with a unique dimension picker, which they can use to determine which dimensions to include or not, for their own specific analysis.

exp piv web site.png
exp piv 2.png

This widget comes with all the native Sisense pivot table features plus many more:

  • Expand columns/rows

  • Let your viewers determine which dimensions to include or not by using a unique dimension picker

  • Search and filter a value from the widget itself

  • Sort columns and rows

  • Sort by formula

  • Conditional formatting

  • In cell Drill down

  • Jump-to dashboard

  • Add multiple dimensions to both columns and rows

  • Layout customization

  • Export to XLS while retaining the pivot structure

  • More!

exp piv 3.png

Dimension Picker - Let your end users determine which field to include in their own analysis - Let your viewers drag and drop the fields to take control over the pivot set up, structure and more:

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