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Simplifying the Complex

We are a one-stop shop for all your BI needs. We'll help you reach valuable insights. ​

Our Services

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BI Consultancy

We understand BI is not just data, software and charts. Partner up with us to see your business evolve to a BI state of mind. 

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BI Implementation

No single BI tool or project is simply plug and play. It takes experience and know how to properly manage and implement a successful BI project. 

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Support & Training

As part of our partnership, we will provide on going maintenance, support and training to make sure your whole business is on board.

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Onboarding & Engagement

It may take time to engage users to adopt and properly use a tool. We will work with your team and clients to ensure optimal adoption and usage. 

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Project management

You don't need a DBA, data scientist or PM, we got you! With years of combined experience in successful BI implementations, we'll take you from A to Z, or A to BI!

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Professional Services

We provide a wide range of custom development components and processes from basic add-ons or plugins to advanced ETL operations.

QBeeQ Sisense Plugins

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