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ZeroNorth Helps Maritime Customers Sail Smoothly with Self-Service Analytics Powered by Sisense and QBeeQ

Industry: Maritime, SaaS

Use case: Customer-facing analytics

QBeeQ plugins and services used:

  • Self-Service Analytics Power-Up

  • Advanced Expandable Pivot

  • Widget Controller

  • Bookmarks

Accelerating Digital Transformation in the Maritime Industry

ZeroNorth is on a mission to drive the green transition of global trade by helping the shipping industry optimize commercial performance and reduce carbon emissions. The fast-growing startup has made several strategic acquisitions in recent years to expand its product portfolio, which includes voyage optimization, fuel procurement, and emissions analytics solutions.

ZeroNorth's flagship product recommends optimal routes and speeds for container ships, oil tankers, bulk carriers, and feeder vessels to minimize fuel costs and emissions. The company also provides powerful analytics tools that enable shipping companies, oil traders, and other maritime players to gain deep insights into their operations and make data-driven decisions.

As ZeroNorth continues to scale and onboard new customers from its acquisitions, the company relies on Sisense as its core analytics platform to deliver intuitive, self-service dashboards and reports.

Leveraging Sisense and QBeeQ to Deliver Customizable Analytics at Scale

ZeroNorth embeds 60+ Sisense dashboards into its products, with the main dashboard consumers being customers who deal with fuel procurement. Fuel buyers, accounting teams, executives, and other stakeholders can independently explore and analyze the data ZeroNorth collects. Users can view high-level KPIs, identify performance trends, and drill down into granular details to optimize fuel purchasing strategies.

To ensure its analytics could adapt to diverse customer requirements while minimizing the burden on its developers, ZeroNorth implemented several QBeeQ plugins that enable greater flexibility and customization:

  • The Self-Service Analytics Power-Up allows ZeroNorth's customers to build their own dashboards by selecting and configuring widgets, reducing the need for custom development work.

  • Flexible widgets like the Advanced Expandable Pivot and Widget Controller enable users to dynamically change visualizations and dimensions on the fly, eliminating the need to maintain separate dashboards for similar analyses.

  • Bookmarks help users save and share specific views and filters, enhancing usability and collaboration.

By empowering business users to tailor dashboards to their specific needs, ZeroNorth can serve its customers more efficiently while freeing up developer resources to focus on higher-impact initiatives. The QBeeQ plugins have been instrumental in striking the right balance between end-user flexibility and governance.

"QBeeQ allowed us to empower the viewers to do more on their own, and reduced their dependence on our dev team - which was previously dealing with an enormous backlog of new requirements and change requests."

- Christian Murphy, Data and Customer Success Manager, ZeroNorth

Fueling Future Growth and Innovation

As ZeroNorth looks ahead, the company plans to further integrate data from its acquisitions into Sisense, transition customers away from other analytics to Sisense, and explore advanced capabilities like QBeeQ's mapping visualizations. With a robust, flexible analytics foundation powered by Sisense and QBeeQ, ZeroNorth is well-positioned to support the maritime industry's digital transformation while driving its own rapid growth and innovation.

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