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Newsletter July 2023 ⚡QBeeQ New Products, Features and Blog⚡

Hey Friends, Today we’re happy to share a new and powerful product: The Report Builder The Report Builder is a clean and easy way for viewers to create their own reports on a QBeeQ Advanced Expandable Pivot. Viewers can add dimensions on the fly, and filter to the specific values of a given report. It provides a smoother report creation experience and allows you to build on existing Self Service capabilities provided by QBeeQ. Check it out in this video:

This new plugin continues our mission to make every Sisense dashboard user a power user. Our suite of tools give Viewers more independence to run their own ad-hoc analytics, driving broader data-driven utilization while reducing support noise and change requests between data teams. The QBeeQ Report Builder can be acquired as part of the Self-Service Analytics or Interactive Design PowerUps.

New Features in Existing Plugins

The Self-Service Dashboard Check out the new features in this video

  1. Add multiple custom dashboards

  2. Edit existing custom dashboards

  3. Tab between the dashboards on the fly

  4. Advanced filtering pane

  5. Initial load performance optimization

The Widget Controller

  1. New slick design

  2. Click anywhere to collapse

Advanced Indicator

  1. Click to filter on the sparkline + rage selector

  2. JTD in both the Indicator and the sparkline

  3. Added conditional formatting options

  4. Additional Design options

More News from QBeeQ! The QBeeQ blog is live! We recently (re) launched our Blog, where we regularly publish Sisense and BI best practices, practical case studies, and a whole lot more. If you don’t want to miss out, you should follow us on LinkedIn Check out some of our recent articles

Many more are coming soon!

We’ll trade a lucrative discount for your thoughts Please do let us know if there are any topics you’d like to see covered in our blog or these newsletters. Your thoughts and feedback are extremely important to us. You know what they say, you can’t improve what you don’t measure Respond to this super quick 3 question survey and get $300 in credit for your next QBeeQ plugin!

QBeeQ PowerUps Don’t forget to check out our PowerUps: Advanced Data Visualizations Financial Tools Collaboration Self Service Analytics Interactive Design Maps Admin Tools (Coming Soon!) Subscribe to any PowerUp to gain access to all future releases in that group. Get in touch to learn more!

We have many more amazing plugins coming very soon, stay tuned! Unleash the full power of Sisense Get in touch today (or simply reply to this email) Contact for questions and additional custom options See the QBeeQ Marketplace

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