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Newsletter May 2023 QBeeQ + ChatGPT + Sisense

Hey Friends,

We’re super excited to share a few new plugins with you, including our ChatGPT plugin which allows viewers to analyze their data and start a discovery conversation using a chat prompt!

Ask questions about your data and get instant answers with our OpenAI integration

Any viewer can analyze a widget’s data set with OpenAI’s ChatGPT, using the same intuitive chat prompt you know and love.

When initiating the chat the viewer is presented with 10 recommended questions that ChatGPT had derived from the widget’s data set. Click on any question or add your own prompt to analyze, create further calculations to the data, or ask more questions about your data!


More New Plugins: Advanced Indicator, Accessibility, Financial Formulas

Advanced Indicator

A powerful Indicator widget which includes primary, secondary, tertiary values, a trend icon and a dynamic sparkline with a tooltip. Show more information with less!

AI-powered Accessibility App

The QBeeQ Accessibility widget is an AI powered app that you can add to your Sisense dashboards or entire analytics app. It allows users to easily modify the dashboard look and feel to accommodate the specific needs of different populations and achieve WCAG and ADA compliance.

Don’t forget to check out our PowerUps:


Admin Tools (Coming Soon!)

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Unleash the true power of your Sisense dashboards! Let’s get started!

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