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MMI Provides Insights Beyond the Boundaries of Sisense with QBeeQ Plugins - Mobility Market Intelligence

Industry: Financial Services

Use case: White-labelled analytics portal

QBeeQ plugins and services used:

Advanced Dashboard Filters plugin

Input Parameters plugin

Date Range Slider plugin

Filter Bookmarks plugin

Choropleth Map plugin

Custom Export Options plugin

Professional services

Unlocking New Insights for Mortgage Professionals

Mobility Market Intelligence (MMI) provides mortgage lenders, banks, and credit unions with data and analytics to locate opportunities, discover top talent, and gain competitive intelligence. Their software platform aggregates public and proprietary data, enabling client success through smart data utilisation.

MMI had set out to provide industry professionals with self-service analytics against the vast amounts of data their platform collects. To accelerate development and introduce more advanced visualisation capabilities faster, they opted to use white-labeled Sisense dashboard. This approach allows MMI to deliver an intuitive, feature-rich analytics experience – but they soon found that they could use QBeeQ to deliver some extra ‘oomph’.

Partnering with QBeeQ to Push the Boundaries of Sisense

MMI wanted to provide next-level customization and capabilities that went beyond what Sisense offers out-of-the-box. To achieve this, they partnered with QBeeQ, whose extensive plug-in suite and professional services have enabled MMI to deliver a differentiated data product.

Using QBeeQ's Choropleth Map plugin, MMI was able to provide detailed geographic visualisations down to the census tract level - a critical capability for helping lenders identify underserved areas and maintain compliance with fair lending regulations. QBeeQ's Custom Export Options plugin empowered MMI's clients with greater control over how data is extracted from the platform. Bookmarks and saved reports - functionality not natively available in Sisense - were made possible with additional QBeeQ tools.

"It was one of the easiest development cycles I've ever gone through with a third party. Being able to piggy-back on existing features and functionality in Sisense with QBeeQ's plugins is huge."

- Jordan Woodard, Director of Product Analytics at MMI

Building the Future of Mortgage Analytics

Looking ahead, MMI plans to allow clients to merge their own private data with MMI's rich public data sets, opening up new possibilities for benchmarking and insights. QBeeQ will be an essential ally in this initiative, supporting MMI with additional capabilities around row-level security and self-service dashboard creation.

By leveraging Sisense and QBeeQ's ever-expanding capabilities, MMI is building a flexible, user-friendly data platform that goes far beyond traditional embedded analytics. This partnership empowers MMI to be exceptionally responsive to customer needs.

"With the combination of Sisense and QBeeQ tools, we can provide a truly customizable 'no-code' data solution. We can use these tools to create an entire rebranded, white-labeled analytics experience for our users - it's extremely powerful."

- Jordan Woodard, Director of Product Analytics at MMI

As the mortgage industry continues to digitize, MMI is well-positioned to be the partner of choice for data-driven lending organizations. QBeeQ looks forward to supporting their journey and pushing the boundaries of what's possible with analytics.

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