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Newsletter ⚡The Big Data Scatter chart, New Features & Enhancements and our new Licensing Mechanism and More!⚡

Hey Friends, 

Today we’re happy to introduce the Big Data Scatter chart! This powerful visual bends the limits of the returned Sisense query results and can retrieve up to 50k records in a single view!

⚡Blazing fast performance! 

It is the newest addition to our powerful Advanced Data Viz PowerUp which now includes over 25 individual plugins.


Our new licensing mechanism! (Coming very soooooon…)

We’re happy to inform you that we’re migrating our licensing service to an online mechanism and moving away from clunky hard coded files and folders. Our new process will allow admins to seamlessly install new plugins or upgrade hotfixes, extend licences or access our content. This revision will include the QBeeQ plugin Manager, a page which will allow Sys admins to:

⚡ Monitor QBeeQ plugins

⚡ Upgrade to new versions

⚡ Extend licences

⚡ Contact support

⚡ Stay up to date with our latest content (Blog, Youtube channel..)

⚡ Access documentation & release notes

If your QBeeQ plugins are not yet deployed on our new licensing mechanism, please feel free to reach out to your CSM and we’ll set you up asap. Otherwise, hold tight and we’ll contact you in the next few weeks.


📣 New Features in Existing Plugins

  • Filter Bookmarks -

  • Bookmarks can be set as -

  • Private, for that user only

  • Public, for all users using that dashboard

  • Shared, only to that user’s group

  • Self Service Dashboard now allows exporting to PDF and soon to PPT. This adds another layer to the self service capabilities, allowing viewers to create their own reports.

  • Expandable Pivot

  • Powerful Transpose and Swap rows/columns buttons

  • Performance optimizations

  • Restrict dimensions to rows or columns

  • Built-in Jump-to-dashboard per column

QBeeQ PowerUps

Don’t forget to check out our PowerUps:


Subscribe to any PowerUp to gain access to all future releases in that group. Get in touch to learn more!

We have many more amazing plugins coming very soon, stay tuned!

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