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Newsletter⚡New Mapbox Layers, QBeeQ Plugin Manager, Simplified Plugin Licensing⚡

Hey Friends,

Here’s your periodic update for all things QBeeQ,

2 new layers for Mapbox (formerly Choropleth Map)

The Cluster Pie Charts layer - allow viewers to cluster points depending on the zoom level. The Clusters will also display a ring pie chart of the points within that cluster. This plugin brings new levels of functionalities to what used to be static maps (plus it looks amazing!)

The Polygon label layer - Plot value labels on any territory for better map customisation


Meet the QBeeQ Plugins Manager

This handy new UI is designed for admins to easily manage and maintain the QBeeQ plugins available in your licence or Sisense instance. 


This Plugins Manager is an extension of our all new QBeeQ Framework which includes various background components, including our new online licensing mechanism. Through the QBeeQ plugin manager, admins can now browse through their licensed or trial plugins, see which versions and hotfixes are available, access each plugin's release notes and documentation, contact support, or access any other content like our blog, youtube channel and much much more!


⚡ Monitor QBeeQ plugins

⚡ Upgrade to new versions

⚡ Extend licences

⚡ Contact support

⚡ Stay up to date with our latest content (Blog, Youtube channel..)

⚡ Access documentation & release notes 

If your QBeeQ plugins are not yet deployed on our new licensing mechanism, please feel free to reach out to your CSM and we’ll set you up asap. Otherwise, hold tight and we’ll contact you in the next few weeks.


New Plugin Info

In addition to this, each and every single plugin will now hold additional information in its design panel, accessible only to designers:

  • Plugin version

  • License status

  • Full plugin documentation

  • Plugin release notes

QBeeQ PowerUps

Don’t forget to check out our PowerUps:


Subscribe to any PowerUp to gain access to all future releases in that group. Get in touch to learn more!

We have many more amazing plugins coming very soon, stay tuned!

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