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Newsletter March 2024 ⚡The Floor Plan Map, PDF Report Generator, Admin tools PowerUp, and More!⚡

Hey Friends,


Today we’re happy to announce that our powerful new Floor Plan Map is live on our website!

This new tool allows displaying meaningful insights related to physical floor plans of indoor and outdoor locations.

Bring your physical floor plan assets to life with this powerful geospatial intelligence map for Sisense!

This powerful plugin adds an analytics layer on top of your floor plan blueprints and is packed with high end features to show your assets behaviour on the fly or in high resolution.


🤖 IoT device analytics

👨‍💻 Warehouse Inventory management

🏢 Office floor mapping

🤝 Meeting room allocation

🏗 Construction space monitoring

🏟 Stadium Seat or section ticket sales

and much much more


Check it out in the video below


New Plugins and Goodies

📊 PDF Report Manager - Empower your viewers to create highly dynamic PDF reports on the fly


We’re soon to release a new powerful way to create custom PDF reports. This new tool will allow viewers to design their PDF reports on the fly, by using a highly dynamic drag and drop grid to reposition the widgets per their current needs. 

This new PDF Report Manager will include - 

  • Create and store report layout pre-sets

  • Add text boxes to create sections in a report

  • Drag & Drop grid to allow easy design of new reports

  • Include a filter scope box for report context

  • Add external components such as links or images


More on this very soon!

Reach out to join the beta program.


📣 New PowerUp Alert!

We’re happy to announce our latest new PowerUp - Admin Tools

The Admin Tools PowerUp includes tools and features designed to make any admins' life easier. It is a toolbox of features designed to improve admin operations, which include monitoring, performance boosters and system enhancements for increased viewer satisfaction and adoption 

New Features in Existing Plugins

  1. New Big Data Scatter chart which can display ten's of thousands of points

  2. All QBeeQ widget plugins now hold info in their design panel, including version, documentation and release notes

  3. Filter Bookmarks - Advanced bookmark sharing within a group

  4. Self Service Dashboard - all widgets now have a ‘i’ info icon

QBeeQ PowerUps

Don’t forget to check out our PowerUps:


Subscribe to any PowerUp to gain access to all future releases in that group. Get in touch to learn more!

We have many more amazing plugins coming very soon, stay tuned!

Unleash the full power of Sisense Get in touch today (or simply reply to this email)

Contact for questions and additional custom options 

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