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Self Service Dashboard

Empower your viewers with true self-service analytics to create and design their own dashboards on a dynamic grid

The Self-Service Dashboard elevates viewers' capabilities by empowering them to create and design their own dashboards from prebuilt widgets. With this powerful product you can increase viewer independence to create their own ad-hoc analytics, reduce the amount of support noise and change requests and iterations, all without risking exposing the viewers to the data schema. This can be made available for viewers and designers alike.

The native Viewer role in Sisense can consume and interact with data - this plugin unlocks new capabilities for every user, such as creating dashboards and customising widgets

  • Increase viewer independence to run their own ad-hoc analytics

  • Allow viewers to create their own data stories

  • Strengthen your single source of truth by defining global formulas which will be used by all designers and viewers.

  • Embed into any 3rd party application to become an integral part of your analytics suite

  • Leverage a highly dynamic interface with a drag-and-drop builder and resizable grid

  • Reduce the amount of support noise and change requests between data teams

  • Decrease time of delivery and feedback iterations

  • Without the risk of exposing the viewers to the data schema

Contact us to see how you can increase your viewers independence today!

How Does It Actually Work?

Viewers can mark their favorite widgets by starring them in any dashboard which pulls data from any data source. Once a widget is starred it will appear in the Self-Service Dashboard Setup section where the viewers can start creating their own dashboards. This way viewers are able to decide for themselves which widgets are the most important for them, and keep them together on 1 or several self-service dashboards.

 In the setup section, a viewer can start creating their dashboards and define which widget should be included in each dashboard. No need to predefine the dashboard layout in the setup, once a Self-Service dashboard is created, the viewer can drag & drop and resize the various widgets upon a highly dynamic grid which allows creating many advanced dashboard layouts.

What’s the Big Idea?

We believe that broader access to data creates better businesses. The Self-Service Dashboard can be used along with our Widget Controller to give every Sisense user the ability to create the dashboards, views, and reports that they need to be successful.

The self service dashboard can be embedded into any 3rd party application.

Step 1

Each viewer can star any widget as a favorite. (This icon and its colour can be modified)


Step 2

Once a widget has been marked as favorite, it will appear on the widget itself, for that viewer, and will appear in the Self service dashboard Config section


The Self Service Analytics section will appear in the header or where ever embedded.


Step 3

Custom Self-Service dashboards setup  - here the viewers will create new self service dashboards and select which widgets are to be added. In this page one can edit, delete or rename existing self service dashboards.


Step 4

Design and use the Self-Service dashboards. Tab between other self-service dashboards.


Add more widgets and allow the designer full independence on a highly intuitive drag and drop grid with endless possible layouts:

  • Elevate a viewers capabilities by allowing them to create their own dashboards.

  • Reduce the amount of support requests and noise from change requests.

  • Empower viewers to perform their own ad-hoc analytics.

  • Enable this product to certain user groups or tenants and leverage it as a premium feature for OEM monetization.

  • Allow a full self-service experience by integrating this product with the QBeeQ Widget Controller.

  • Viewers can drag and drop the widgets on an extremely dynamic grid to continuously change their layout.

  • Create and edit multiple Self-Service dashboards.

  • Filter the self-service dashboard using the filters from the various origin dashboards which are represented in the self-service report

  • Each widget includes a 'i' icon which provides more information on that widget.

  • A Lazy Loading mechanism allows optimised dashboards performance.

  • Use the widgets in order to filter the dashboard.

  • Combine widgets from different dashboards and from different data sources.

  • Intuitive drag and drop environment.

  • All widgets are tied back to the original dashboard, any changes done by the original designer will take into effect onto all other self service dashboards.

  • The entire set up and look and feel is completely rebrandable. It can be made to look as an integral part of the Sisense application, relabelled as your brand, or embedded into any 3rd party application as built-in Self-Service Analytics section.

Contact us for a demo and trial access, get your viewers creating their own dashboards today!


This powerful plugin can be acquired as part of the QBeeQ Self Service PowerUp which includes:

·   Advanced Expandable Pivot

·   Self Service Dashboard

·   Self Service Widget

·   Advanced Input Parameters

·   The Widget Controller

·   Filter Bookmarks


Contact us for a live demo and free trial!

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