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Newsletter April 2023 ⚡💪QBeeQ Presents: Self-Service Analytics for Everyone⚡💪

Hey Friends,

Today we’re thrilled to (finally) reveal the newest PowerUp for Sisense: Self-Service Dashboard (ADD LINK HERE TO WEBSITE)

Empower, enhance, and elevate your dashboard Viewers’ capabilities, and 10x the value you get from Sisense.

💪Empower Viewers to create and design their own dashboards, and gain control over their own ad-hoc analytics

The Viewer role is limited in Sisense - but it doesn't have to be! This plugin unlocks new capabilities for every user, such as creating dashboards and customizing widgets

  • Increase viewer independence to run their own ad-hoc analytics

  • Reduce the amount of support noise and change requests between data teams

  • Decrease time of delivery and feedback iterations

  • Allow viewers to create their own data stories

  • Remove the risk of exposing the viewers to the data schema

  • Strengthen your single source of truth by defining global formulas which will be used by all designers and viewers.

  • Leverage a highly dynamic interface with a drag-and-drop builder and resizable grid

Contact us to see how you can increase your viewers independence today!

🤔 How Does It Actually Work?

Viewers star their favorite widgets from any standard dashboard that pulls data from any data source. Those starred widgets will now appear in the elf Service Analytics section. From here, viewers are on their own, with full dashboard creation and design in a highly intuitive drag-and-drop environment. Click here to learn more.

🤔 What’s the Big Idea?

We believe that broader access to data creates better businesses. The Self-Service Dashboard can be used along with our other Self-Service plugins to give every Sisense user the ability to create the dashboards, views, and reports that they need to be successful.

More News from QBeeQ!

Gridmatrix Case Study

We’ve recently helped a SaaS customer, who was using Snowflake + Sisense, to reduce their data warehouse costs by 40%. As a bonus, there was a similar improvement in performance!

Read our new case study to learn how we helped Gridmatrix optimize Snowflake by implementing more efficient ingestion, storage, and data modeling: [LINK]

New Advanced Tooltip Plugin

See our new Advanced Tooltip plugin which allows you to add more information to the tooltip! (ADD LINK HERE TO WEBSITE)

New Features in The Choropleth Map

We're constantly improving our existing plugins to make sure they make everybody's lives better! Check out the latest additions to the Choropleth Map:

  • Multi-select lasso

  • Advanced exporting options

  • Integrated jump-to-dashboard

  • New out-of-the-box territories

  • New all white base Map

  • Improved legend and tooltips

  • New territory design capabilities

  • Design panel improvement

Premium Packages

Our new Premium Packages combine Professional Services with FREE PowerUps.

With every Premium package you will get up to 500 hours of professional services and PowerUps included for free! This is a great chance to upgrade your Sisense experience and get the full benefits of added functionality and a highly optimized implementation – all provided by the world’s leading team of Sisense experts.

Gold Package - 100 hours of PS will gain you access to any 1 QBeeQ PowerUp

Platinum Package - 200 hours of PS will gain you access to any 3 QBeeQ PowerUps

Diamond Package - 500 hours of PS will gain you access to ALL QBeeQ PowerUps!

All options include full product onboarding and documentation built into the product itself. Get in touch to learn more our premium packages, see the attached PDF.

Don’t forget to check out our powerful PowerUps:


Admin Tools (Coming Soon!)

Subscribe to any PowerUp to gain access to all future releases in that group! Get in touch to learn more!

Unleash the true power of your Sisense dashboards! Let’s get started!

Contact (or reply to this email) for questions and additional custom options

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