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Newsletter March 2023 ⚡💪Introducing Sisense PowerUps⚡💪

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Hey Friends,

We're so happy to introduce our new Sisense PowerUps!

Interactive tools which drive engagement and increase adoption

Our PowerUps are tailor-made suites of Sisense plugins designed to improve every aspect of your Sisense deployment, address gaps in functionality, and make every dashboard viewer a power user.

Our PowerUps include:

Advanced Data Visualization

Add eye-popping visuals and deeper analytics capabilities to your Sisense dashboards.

The Data Viz PowerUp includes 25+ new data visualization add-ons to complement Sisense’s native dashboarding. Learn more >> [ADD LINK]

Financial Tools

Get the BI and reporting capabilities your finance team needs.

The Financial Tools PowerUp adds new ways to visualize and interact with financial data.

Learn more >>


Turn your Sisense dashboard into a hub of data-driven collaboration

The Collaboration PowerUp helps teams share and communicate insights from Sisense dashboards.

Learn more >>

Self Service Analytics

Self-service analytics for every Sisense user

With the Self Service PowerUp, any Sisense dashboard Viewer can perform their own analysis and create ad-hoc reports – without modifying Elasticube schemas.

Learn more >>

Interactive Design

Build better analytic experiences in Sisense.

The interactive Design PowerUp lets you add new interactivity features to every Sisense dashboard.

Learn more >>


The only Sisense maps plugin you’ll ever need.

The AdvancedMaps PowerUp gives you endless new ways to analyze, visualize, and understand geo-spatial data.

Learn more >>

Admin Tools (Coming Soon!)

Subscribe to any PowerUp to gain access to all future releases in that group! Get in touch to learn more [LINK]

New Releases and Features

What's New (new section) New releases

Widget Controller

The Widget Controller is an extremely powerful addition. This single plugin allows any designer to add measure, dimension, break-by and chart type changers to a widget. Other providers require a patchwork of plugins for each control – QBeeQ’s Widget Controller is the only all-in-one solution.

This is a perfect solution for embedded scenarios. You can grant viewers extensive self-service analytics capabilities by giving them control over the data they see.

The Widget Controller works for all native Sisense widgets, including pivots and tables, as well as the entire QBeeQ Advanced Data visualization PowerUp!

Learn more >>

New Features in Advanced Expandable Pivot Plugin

We're constantly improving our existing plugins to make sure they make everybody's lives better! Check out the latest additions to the Advanced Expandable Pivot: [Add Link]

  • New advanced financial formulas! (Also available as a new standalone plugin)

  • Integrated jump-to-dashboard

  • Add links

  • Add icons

  • Add images

  • New design capabilities

  • Transpose button for viewers

  • Improved drop down look and feel

  • Design panel improvement - advanced settings sections

Premium Packages

Our new Premium Packages combine Professional Services with FREE PowerUps.

With every Premium package you will get up to 500 hours of professional services and PowerUps included for free! This is a great chance to upgrade your Sisense experience and get the full benefits of added functionality and a highly optimized implementation – all provided by the world’s leading team of Sisense experts.

We are offering three levels of Premium Packages. All options include full product onboarding and documentation built into the product itself. Get in touch to learn more

Excited to improve your Sisense dashboards? Let’s get started!

Contact (or reply to this email) for questions and additional custom options

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