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Advanced Widgets Tabber

This plugin allows users to switch and toggle between widget views, either individual or in groups, by using a tabber which includes additional KPIs for that respective segment. This helps organizing complex dashboards which require several views when story-telling the data.

Together with the QBeeQ Lazy Loading plugin which loads widgets only when they are viewed, using this tabber in robust and busy dashboards easily reduces the load on the user without having to face long dashboard loads. The widgets will load only when the user prompts that tab.

Any designer can create this advanced tabber without any JS or CSS, this plugin is totally code-free! All design attributes can be easily configured to match any brand family.


Advanced version with informative tabs:

Advanced Widgets Tabber1.png
Advanced Widgets Tabber2.png

Simplified version.

Simplify your busy dashboards today with the QBeeQ Advanced Widgets Tabber and the QBeeQ Dashboard Lazy Load plugins!

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