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Advanced Google Heat Map

This plugin enables one to create a Google Heat Map while displaying multiple values for each pin point while enabling the jump to functionality to a target dashboard.


This plugin enables one to add as many measures needed to present a wider story on each location. In addition, one can click from within the tooltip to drill to a new dashboard, while applying the information of that specific location (i.e. lat/long, loc_id etc.) to see much more detail. The drill to functionality will apply the dashboard filter scope on the target dashboard.


After configuring a target dashboard, with the prefix of ‘_drill_’, one can apply the ‘jump to’ functionality from within the widget menu.

After completing the previous step, one will be able to zoom into any pin point, click it to see much more detail with many measures and formulas, and click the tool tip title to drill to a new dashboard with more information about that location, the target dashboard will open in a new tab on the browser window.

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