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Load Widget on Demand

This plugin enables a designer to determine which individual widget can be loaded on demand by the end user. This functionality works just like the ‘Update on every change’ for an entire dashboard, but for an independent widget. If a certain dashboard holds relatively heavy widgets such as very robust pivot tables or scatter charts with many results, which are not required to refresh upon every filter change, rather only upon user need, this feature can be easily applied to a specific widget or multiple widgets to provide a more seamless experience for the end user. Upon dashboard load or filter change, a widget which has this feature applied, will pause it’s query load, and prompt the end user with a clickable refresh button, indicating to the user that this widget is ready to be refreshed when need be. Once the Refresh button is clicked, the widget will update it’s query top the current filter scope, thus bringing it back to the analytical storytelling.

As a designer, to apply ‘Load widget on demand’ on any widget, simply access it’s widget menu, click ‘Load on demand’, and republish the dashboard:

load 1.png

This will now prevent the widget from loading after any refresh or filter change, until it is requested to do so:

load 2.png

Upon clicking, the widget will load it’s result set according to the current dashboard filter scope.

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